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The Strange World of Peat Beat..

The Strange World of Peat Beat..

We delve into the musical world of Pete Beat, taking a tour of his past, present and future material. You can’t get bored with Pete Beat; there’s too much versatility in his songwriting and the thematics of his songs.

Pete Beat, hailing from Newcastle-upon-Tyne in the UK, has an album on the way this April. Up until then, he’s dropping three singles for us to sink our teeth into. First, ‘Drinking Lager’ hit us with its sheer wit and charm in January. Beer, burgers, sun, and Frank Sinatra = a recipe to beat the winter blues!

‘Homesick Night’ contrasts well with the first release. This time round, we meet a protagonist in the form of a robot – the star of the accompanying music video – who is all alone, in the dark: “It’s getting dark / And this night has nothing for you / No love, no friends / The rain never ends”. But there’s hope thank goodness, even if it’s at the song’s end: “But do not despair…” reassures Pete.

We can assure you that Pete’s single ‘Before The War’ is another humorous one, with some insatiable groove that will have you bopping round the house in your slippers. Great instrumentation including signature strings feature once more. There’s also a gorgeous brass instrument we hear, with a lovely melodic riff at the song’s core. This track is a wonderful combination of pop and experimental which really showcases Pete’s abilities as a writer and producer.

Pete Beat also caught our attention with a few other tracks he’s released previously… The depth of his track ‘Do You Really Want to Live Forever?’ is brilliant. He puts everything into perspective in 3 minutes 50. Time, life, past, present and future all collide within a mesh of EDM synth, alongside classical strings, guitar and piano. Pete showcases his singing ability here too. The video is beautiful also; featuring the lyrics over shifting starry night skies.

His track ‘Janglin’ is a super-catchy song about dealing with anxiety and nerves. It has an insatiable synth hook and a chorus with the words ‘Tingling, tangling, jingling, jangling’ – aaah we love. The video, produced by Pete himself, as with many of his videos, is self-produced. Pete’s vocal on the pre-chorus here really channels some David Bowie, while the verses are more rapped, yet it all blends so well together. Once again, Pete fuses so many influences, so many genres, so many themes and it all links together so very Pete-Beat-well.

His singles ‘Drinking Lager’ and ‘Homesick Night’ are out now and his next single ‘Before The War’ will be released on 19th March, before the full album on 16th April…


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