The post-punk band have released their single ‘Endgame‘ as part of their new up and coming EP.

The Galway born band, now based in London, includes the talents of James McGregor (Vocals/Guitar), Sean Connelly (Guitar), Damian Greaney (Drums) and Tom Freeman (bass).

The Clockworks
The Clockworks/ Photo credit: Oscar J Ryan

Endgame‘ is a track that has been reworked in order to evolve with the bands powerful lyrics and music.

It’s a song which plays a hand of ruthless pop hooks and builds towards a blindsiding crescendo.

The Clockworks infuse a sense of purpose in the song followed by their strong guitar lines.

The song plays on our feelings of losing our edge whilst trying to move with the times, however hard that can be.

James McGregor says: “The idea for the lyrics was to have this character who’s a bit obnoxious playing a game of pool at the pub.

“As the song progresses we get to peel him back and see that the game he’s playing is really against himself.

“The title, apart from relating to the game in the song, is a reference to Beckett’s play Endgame.

“Which we thought touched on the themes/ideas/feelings of the song.

“I also liked the way that Beckett’s play had a through line of a chess game, like this song has a through line of a game of pool.”

The quartet have already made a mark on the music scene creating their relentless punk tracks.

After signing with the legendary music industry executive, Alan McGee, they have released an array of captivating tracks.

Such as, ‘Enough Is Never Enough‘ and ‘The Future is Not What It Was‘.

Endgame‘ will feature on their EP ‘The Clockworks‘, with highly anticipated tracks set to be released on April 1, 2022.

The other tracks include: ‘Money (I don’t wanna hear it)‘, ‘Feels So Real‘, and ‘The Temper‘.

The exhilarating new single can be heard on music streaming services.

The Clockworks will soon be heading on their exciting US & European tour 2022, you can buy your tickets now.


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