Warrington indie pop band The A.V. Club are back with their new single “VHS (Very Happy Song)”  to be released on the 8th of July 2022  

“VHS (Very Happy Song)” is a brand new single from Warrington’s The A.V. Club and has never  been heard before by their committed and growing fanbase. The single is set to be a huge part of  the bands new and updated live show and will definitely stand out as their most creative and  ambitious single so far. It is guaranteed to be a dance floor filler at the bands upcoming live  shows.  

VHS captures the zeitgeist of the post Covid period perfectly while also referencing the social  media domination our society is currently experiencing, as well as taking inspiration from 90s pop  culture classic: The Truman Show. The merging of the post Covid era and 90s existentialism  creates a sense of precognition that has captured the minds of audiences in many formats, for  many years. 

 Musically,“VHS (Very Happy Song)” is full of features that fans of the A.V. Club have come to  know and love – from catchy synth riffs to driving bass lines and angelic harmonies, however, their  latest single reveals the progression that the band have made throughout 2022 and highlights new  musical influences from bands such as Valley, The Band Camino, 19&you and any more.“VHS  (Very Happy Song)” is a strong contender for the bands most successful single yet. 

Fans of Wallows, Valley, Sea Girls, Twenty-One Pilots, The Band Camino and 19&you will find their  new favourite band with The A.V. Club.  

“VHS (Very Happy Song)” will be available on all streaming and purchasing platforms on Friday  the 8th of July 2022  

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