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The 3rd studio album Big Dreams In A Small City by Pat Gedeon is now available

The 3rd studio album Big Dreams In A Small City by Pat Gedeon is now available

Releasing his 3rd studio album, with the title Big Dreams in a Small City. You know him as Pat Gedeon the chameleon of genres. The melody slayer. The ultimate riffer. Pat from the heart of Europe. 8/8/2020 was the day a new child was born. The CD we’ve been waiting for is now available on all streaming platforms and will knock your socks off. We can only say so much. It’s up to you to feel through this work of art and embrace the beauty of melodies merging with your consciousness as you let yourself wonder in your dreams endlessly. Forget about the chaos. Find your balance and let it become you. Now let’s get to the man himself.

Hi Pat, so your new album is now available how do you feel?  Was it a huge step in your career as a musician?

I’m feeling good thanks. Still can’t believe that it’s finally out there. To be honest, I had my ups and downs while recording the album. A few times I thought I’d just give up on it. But luckily it’s ready to be heard. Even if your work consists of things you love to do, it can be pretty exhausting when you record, master and release an album and especially when you do most of the work yourself. And yes it’s a huge step not only in my career but also in my life. All the songs are connected to my memories and emotions. By presenting myself to the public I have a certain responsibility. I believe all good music is magic and it can do wonders when you know how to use it. My album is like a baby, it has some of my mental energetic DNA and it means a lot to me. Now I have to teach it how to walk and spread itself to the world. Which by the way is the harder part. I can’t wait when I’ll be listening to the CD in ten years. It will take me back in time. I’ll think of how my life went by. Remembering the good times and the bad times. And I’ll love both.

Could you give us a summary of the CD? What it is about? What inspired you on the title?

Yes gladly. The album is basically about big dreams in the small city I grew up in. I’m a daydreamer. Always somewhere in the clouds, dreaming about a perfect world where thing would be the way I imagined them to be. I guess it’s the place where you create your own heaven and hell.  You create your own world and it wishes only to survive. A city full of weird, some good some evil some true some fake some predators and some prays but most of them just simple people, you almost have no other choice but to start writing your feelings down so you can reshape your world to be stronger and better. All those memories in places that changed. I feel myself being present. Yes I need to find a way how to explain my life with music to people. That way somebody can connect and improve on what I’ve experienced. The sounds of life are almost always present. Movement is felt and a guitar is shaped. Life takes on yet another form. That’s what I call having big dreams or expectations in my head. Escape to a different reality and be free of all concepts. So I recorded another album and it was so much fun that if people have at least half as much fun listening to it as I had creating it, it is still a whole lot of fun. If only one connects or all of them do, is unimportant for it only takes one person to change the world but it takes all of us to change that one person. That’s how I create my music.  A moment and a feeling shaped into a digital form. Vibrations and energy. That’s what it’s all about. Chilling in the universe.

On your instagram profile @pat.the.riffer we saw a picture of you graduating is it true you are a master of psychology?

Oh, that happened right? Still can’t believe that a guy who hated learning got through all those books and research. It’s almost like a miracle. Plus I started recording the album while I was studying so I had some really stressful times but I’m glad I figured it out. Now I have all the knowledge to not only make music, but also start healing through my music.  Experience the same happiness, sadness, anger and many more emotions I had while writing those songs. They are a reflection of my experience in this world ☺

Congratulations. What about your new music videos? You released one for the song “Big Dreams In a small city” and one for the song “Feeling good”. Could you tell us about the filming locations?

We recorded the song Feeling Good in an L.A. studio, and we also shot the music video there. My girl is a huge fan of Buffy The Vampire Slayer. She wanted to take a look at the filming locations in Torrance. First I was a bit skeptic, but when I saw the Torrance High I was so amazed, I decided to shoot a music video there and it came out great. The video for Big Dreams in a Small City was shot in Slovakia where I’m originally from. Went to some of the places from my childhood and shot a trippy video. It was a lot of fun. Filming in these two different places was a lifetime experience.

What are your plans now?

Well since the album is out the real work is about to begin. But for now I just want to chill for a few days. Listen to the CD a couple more times and just enjoy the creation. Than back to what I do best. More music videos. One is already finished. It’s for the song Falling Water. I’ll do some live shows, celebrate with friends and just enjoy the good life I guess. We are also working on some new t-shirt, hoodies and caps. Everything in time.

Is there something you’d like to say to the fans?

Enjoy the album fam. I worked hard on it and I know it will help you the way it helped me if you’re in need. If you’re chilled let it merge with your brain to create new heights. Thank you for all the support and love. <3

Thank you for your time Pat, we wish you all the best with many more creative moments on your way to the top.


Big Dreams In A Small City by Pat Gedeon


FEELING GOOD [Music Video]

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