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MADE Festival 2017 – 4 things we love the most

Words and Pictures: Rosie Stanistreet

MADE Festival: 4 things we love the most

  1. The Atmosphere

We arrived to the Digbeth Triangle alive with glittered up glamorous ravers all having the absolute time of their lives! Everyone was having a ball and the air was buzzing with drum and bass, we knew we were in for a good night!

  1. The Venue

Honesty is the best policy here so I’ll admit I’d never heard of the Digbeth Triangle before but WHAT A VENUE. Vibrant graffiti murals splashed across the warehouse walls, rooms upon rooms of different gigs with the addition of 2 massive open air stages and a roof terrace! Set partially underneath railway arches (which housed some of the bar area) the stone brickwork gave this rave such a grass roots vibe and it bounced me right back to my underground raving days!

  1. The Music

Drum and Base, grime, house – they had it all! Our personal highlights included Mike Skinner who blasted out a few remixed sing-along classics that got the crowd bouncing…and sweating as it was pretty warm in some of the rooms especially after a few shandy’s if you get my drift, thank god we didn’t wear leggings! But by far and away the standout performance of the night was the ‘Landlord’ Giggs who did a mix of his newer stuff as well as his old classics – Talkin’ The Hardest/Lock Doe/Look What The Cat Dragged In. Late afternoon the rain had begun but curtesy of my complimentary poncho we were able to rave until the early hours!

  1. The Food

Absolute diversity and something for everyone here. It’s hard to know what you’re going to fancy after a day of raving and generally getting on the session but we opted for these divine Hirata Buns with shredded chilli beef for £6 that came with Japanese slaw and they were just fab from traders Greski Bohdi who were also doing hand-rolled sushi! Other food stands included burrito’s, BBQ pulled pork, jerk (obviously) and corn on the cob so a great variety to choose from and we didn’t go hungry which is of course of paramount importance.

MADE Festival has sold out for the last 3 years on the trot and its absolutely not hard to see why. Keep your eyes open for next year’s early release at the start of 2018 as I’m sure these will fly out once again.


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