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Tapes Off The Track: Gareth Heesom

Tapes Off The Track: Gareth Heesom

Urbanista’s Tapes Off The Track is a series of live recordings of local music talent, filmed in some of Merseyside’s most idyllic settings, with the aim of capturing the magic of our chosen artists in their purest, most stripped back form. Here is a session from the awesome Gareth Heesom.

Gareth is a heartfelt singer/songwriter from the North West UK, Singing with a rock tinged voice on follksy/country acoustic wings.
A Father and Husband, with songs which reflect hope and love, moving beyond things that trouble us.
Gareth stopped playing for a long time, but music called him back at a time his soul needed to heal.
Songwriting soon followed, and in October 2017, Gareth released his first single, A Million Butterflies, a song based upon Native American folklore, a legend which states that butterflies carry wishes to the Great Spirit.
Any artists who are interested in playing one of our Tapes Off The Track sessions email us a short bio and a couple of your tunes to
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