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Tapes Off The Track: Barney Goodall

Tapes Off The Track: Barney Goodall

Urbanista’s Tapes Off The Track is a series of live recordings of local music talent, filmed in some of Merseyside’s most idyllic settings, with the aim of capturing the magic of our chosen artists in their purest, most stripped back form. Here is a session from the amazing Barney Goodall

Barney Goodall is an adventurous singer and composer living in Liverpool with roots in London and the West Country. His next single APORIA is due to be released shortly in 2018, following on from four singles released in 2017, including the haunting ‘Golden Age’, and beautifully woven ‘Mass’.

He’s honoured to be one of Ocean Waves Productions‘ artists in Liverpool.

A prolific composer both of pop tunes and darker inroads into the unknown, Goodall fronts his band on keys and lead vocals. Mellow, synth-based dance follows funky bass grooves and soaring melodies. Expect peaks, troughs, and tumbling lyrics as the bard meets the city.

Frequent shows in Liverpool, London, and the west country come on top of appearances at Glastonbury and other festivals – and with much more music to be released later this year, the band look forward to a string of further performances across the country. Watch this space!

Next show is Notting Hill Arts Club May 25th.

Any artists who are interested in playing one of our Tapes Off The Track sessions email us a short bio and a couple of your tunes to


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