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Tapes Off The Track: Alan Triggs

Tapes Off The Track: Alan Triggs

Urbanista’s Tapes Off The Track is a series of live recordings of local music talent, filmed in some of Merseyside’s most idyllic settings, with the aim of capturing the magic of our chosen artists in their purest, most stripped back form. Here is a session from the awesome Alan Triggs

Alan is a singer songwriter from Rock Ferry, Wirral. Having grown up being heavily inspired by the likes of Noel Gallagher, Richard Ashcroft and Paul Weller he picked up a guitar aged 13 at his uncles house and instantly found a passion for playing music. After discovering his voice a few years later he began going to open mic nights and posting covers on YouTube.

Rather late to songwriting at the age of 25 he started writing his own songs. He quickly developed a love for the craft and began writing about his own life experiences often with  brutal honesty. One song for example “Algy” is a story of his father’s struggles with alcoholism and unemployment.

Themes of very relatable working class life issues are often the backbone of his lyrics, combined with catchy melodies and slick finger style guitar.

Any artists who are interested in playing one of our Tapes Off The Track sessions email us a short bio and a couple of your tunes to

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