I dare you to listen to ‘in my company’ and guess how old the artist is. I bet you’d say at least 30 years old and has been recording music for many years. Well, plot twist! Zahra is 20 years old and this is her 2nd EP… yep, that’s true.

This mature yet raw EP is super impressive, and it’s so clear that Zahra is an extremely talented singer-songwriter and musician that is definitelygoing places. Her first EP ‘I Feel Weird’ was also very good and was based on her emotional and mental struggles. Zahra explained that ‘I feel weird’ is what she used to say to her friends when she felt anxious or depressed before she really knew how to speak about how she felt.

But now, she seems to have come a long way. Zahra says: “This EP is about spending time and healing in my own company. Being alone with myself has become my medicine. It has been the best way for me to grow into a more authentic version of myself and as I grow up, I realize being truly authentic to myself is the only way I want to move through life. If my decisions aren’t coming from my authentic self, I’ll only move towards places that make me unhappy and unfulfilled”.

With beautiful and delicate piano playing leading the way alongside raw and powerful yet controlled vocals, Zahra has created a very well-rounded, skilfully created 5-track EP here. I wouldn’t be surprised if you’d told me that Zahra is 10 years older than she is, and this is half of her 6th album. But no, she’s 20 and this is her 2nd EP. The sky’s the limit for Zahra, as she’s sure to keep improving and learning new musical skills that we’ll hear in future releases.

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