‘I Don’t Wanna Go To Work… NEVER!’ is the upcoming single by Bristol-based Bigman and the Birdseeds (wow, that was a lot of Bs), and it really starts as it means to go on; rock ‘n’ roll! The intro’s Zeppelin-esque electric guitar lick lets the listener know exactly where they stand; this being in the middle of a gig room in their imagination, mouth wide open and eyes even wider, as this emerging rock band starts their set with this hard-hitting guitar sound.

The bass and drumbeat enter the soundscape, soon joined by the gritty, earthy vocals by Bigman himself, singing lyrics of resentment towards the workplace and expressing feelings of hatred towards the corporate world. Working harder than possible for no money. Forced to wear a suit. Can’t afford rent. Relatable, right? This Bristol band knows the struggle, and this song is for the people.

After the third verse that ends in a devilish laugh by Bigman, he delivers a passionate and powerful guitar solo that’s reminiscent of something you’d hear from The Hives in their prime. Good stuff, very good stuff. Once the solo ends, Matteo comes in with a new, impactful drumbeat to kick off the bridge section of the song. This part gradually picks up speed and volume, and by the end of the bridge, Bigman is screaming the lyrics and the guitar is thrashing the chords, spitting sounds out like a violent volcano. It sounds like the song ends here…

But no. Out of the grave appears a deep and dirty bass line, like a monster emerging from a muddy hell. Matteo makes himself known again, with a marching band-style beat, as Bigman shouts from the bottom of his soul ‘I don’t wanna go to work!’ – as if part of an anti-establishment cult – repeatedly until the song fades out.

This is a true rock tune by a bunch of true rockers. The fact there’s only three of them making all that sound is impressive to say the least. Give it a listen on Friday 29th July, you won’t regret it.

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