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Savi Kaboo : Afterglow album release takes this sensational young rap star to the next level

Savi Kaboo : Afterglow album release takes this sensational young rap star to the next level

Launching in early 2020, 21-year-old Austrian-born rapper, songwriter and singer Savi Kaboo has risen to become one of hip-hop’s most exciting young stars to follow. On the heels of her successful single ‘Music on the Daily’, followed by the prerelease of her lavishly resonating ‘Sick for you’, one of the tracks on the new sensational album ‘Afterglow’ released in September, Savi Kaboo is set to create ripples as one of Europe’s rising rap stars gaining the spotlight on the music scene.

Taking the listener on a lavishly emotional journey that is both relatable and genuine, ‘Afterglow’ simply put is a sequenced set of songs telling a love story, each spelling out the different processes of falling in love. As a songwriter, Savi Kaboo’s self-penned lyrics are delivered with passion and authenticity through the soothing freshness of her soulful voice and laced with the vibes of R&B. The music behind each track has been created with the help of music producer Demian Pengg (Prodbypengg).

Savi describes herself as a new-age hippie, an ardent vegetarian, keen on promoting the power of love and the joy of glitter through her work and inspire freedom of expression while being one’s authentic self, always. A strong believer in altruism and the energy that it can produce to spread kindness and love of humanity. Savi’s songs echo these heartfelt values and calls for the need for communication and understanding in order to connect with others, sentiments that are much needed in instilling hope and positivity with her listeners.

Savi’s debut stage appearance at 2Hot4Stage in Belgrade got her noticed. Since then she has been working tirelessly in the studio to develop her unique sound with new songs, preparing for the next season to finally arrive.

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