Singer, songwriter, and award-winning author Ross Victory dropped his second EP, “Bangers.” Bangers features an impressive collection of catchy club anthems that range from the Caribbean flavored “Wild” and “Cali’ Cruisin” to trap soul-influenced “Bounce” and “Chop It Up,” completing the set with the ego-boosting “Money Drip.”

Over the past three years, this talented creator from Los Angeles has produced a significant array of content, including 12 singles, 2 Eps, and 4 complete novels.

His musical journey began with his single, “Savor the View,” in 2019, dedicated to his late father, and the lead single for his audiobook, “Views from the Cockpit. Since the books release in 2019, Victory has crafted a unique personal brand, “Books & Bangers,” which parallels his real-life artistic output. In fact, the Bangers project solidifies the brand’s name.

Books & Bangers features products inspired by the work of independent creators that inspire creative writing and fashion among others. Through his music and words, Victory aims to empower the powerless and represent the underrepresented by embodying his message and art.

“Bangers” released worldwide via all major streaming services on Thursday, September 1, 2022, in time for Labor Day playlist. “Bangers” follows Victory’s first EP, “Winter Nights in Quarantine,” which featured four mid-tempo R&B flavored tracks.

In a Youtube interview, Victory refers to “Bangers” as “his pandemic babies” and hopes to get listeners out of their seats and onto the dance floor. “Bangers” does just that. Through five tracks, Victory shows his range of style and flavor over sexy beats ranging from dirty south trap to tropical Caribbean flavored “Wild ” and “Cali Cruisin’.” Victory points to a steamy collage of dance floor and bedroom scenes. The songs melodies seem into your subconscious and with memorable hooks and riffs. Ending with the ego amping, “Money Drip,” and the unforgettable lyric, “Money drip all day b*tch.”

Check out the “Bangers” now on all music platforms! 

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