Known for their sassy vocals, blunt delivery and in your face lyricism, Not Now Norman has been making waves in the rock realms for a while now. Yet, with the upcoming release of their single ‘Save Me’, they’re set to make a tsunami. This track is an effortless evolution for the fiery foursome as they delve even deeper into the roots of their rock sound. It evokes a sort of Evanescence vibe, with the explosive drum breaks, booming bass riffs and slick guitar solos. Not Now Norman steps on the gas from the first chord and shows no signs of pumping the brakes. Underpinning the riotous performance is the meaningful message at the track’s core. After seeing events such as the wildfires in Australia and seeing the world burning around us, Not Now Norman channelled their frustration and worry into this new single. There’s nothing better than a banger with lyrics you can get behind. Taylor Mitchell’s vocals take this track to another level. With all the power and confidence of a complete pro, she shows off an outstanding performance presence. Her tone is defiantly strong and has no problems holding her own against the energetic instruments behind her. The guitar gestures play perfectly off of her melodies. Understandably so, it was guitarist Zander Brown who encouraged Taylor to visit the studio. This kind of musical match is found far and few between, and, oh boy, is it magical. With Michael Brennan featuring on the drums and Lara Hindhaugh balancing the band out with her intricate bass intervals, Not Now Norman is a force to be reckoned with.


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‘Save Me’ is out on the 25TH OF FEBRUARY

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