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**Premiere** John East’s Job Brand New Music Video

**Premiere** John East’s Job Brand New Music Video

Urbanista Magazine are thrilled to bring you the premiere of John East – Job.

Budding musician John East (27) has just released his first music video for single JOB and its already reached  5k views since Friday.

John Tells us about the song:

“The song talks about religion conflicts as I grew up been half religious half secular, living in double identities between my religious family and my “sinners” friends. I went through some tough years because of that, beasue I really wanted answers for my being. However, the song is told from a more mature point of view about the insights I gained along the way about religion’.

The music video (shot during Covid-19 with 6 month of preparations), directed by Orel Even Chen and shot by Ben Levy, tells the story of Job fighting his demons after God seemed to left him. John tries to express his religion struggles through the biblical story of Job, using elements from the Old testement.
John is currently working on his third song that will also be related to the Old testament’s stories. We will stay tuned for more details.


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