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Podcast: The best bits from Misadventures in Music Podcast

Podcast: The best bits from Misadventures in Music Podcast

Season one of Misadventures in Music has now come to an end and what a great year it’s been.

Ian Prowse and Mick Ord have had some fantastic conversations, debates and uncovered a few truths in 12 amazing episodes, plus bonus content.

In this final episode we look back at some of the highlights with our favourite moments. From David Fishel discussing getting stabbed at a gig to the difficulties of working with Shane McGowen.

Our presenters also discovered how popular and talented Lindisfarne’s Alan Hull was with some amazing feedback from fans across the world.

In fact, there were so many great moments it really was really difficult to get them all in one episode. However, you can listen back over season one and enjoy some of the great discussions with brilliant guests such as Paul Hemmings, Malik al Nasir and Rory Taylor.

Season two will be along later in the year with more debates and Misadventures in Music.

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