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Misadventures In Music – Ian Prowse & Mick Ord talk Shane MacGowan.

Misadventures In Music – Ian Prowse & Mick Ord talk Shane MacGowan.

In the second episode of the Misadventures In Music Podcast – Presenters Ian Prowse and Mick Ord look back on the work of Pogues frontman Shane MacGowan.

If you’re new to The Pogues and Irish music – This is great cultural and historic lesson wrapped up in 25 mins.

The conversation looks back on MacGowans English upbringing and his identity as an Irishman, discussing how his accent developed from when he was cockney teenager following all the punk bands around, to his now evident Irish twang.

The guys also discuss the current state of MacGowans health and attitude after interviewing a producer who was part of Shane’s recent documentary, Crock Of Gold – A few rounds with Shane MacGowan. Siobhán McAndrew spoke to Mick Ord about how the The documentary that was also produced by Julien Temple and Johnny Depp actually came together.

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Ian, who never lets you down with stories also talks about his band Pele touring with the Pogues and an experience in which he bumped into Gerry Conlon – a man who spent 15 years in prison after being wrongfully convicted as IRA terrorist for Guildford pub bombings.

There’s no doubt that everyone who has contributed to this episode has huge respect for the man, poet and musician. But Shane is most certainly a complex man.

Other topics on the episode include how he started out in punk rock band The Nipple Erectors. He then went on to form the 4-piece The Pogues in 1982, who became one of the most successful bands during 1985 – 86. They were at their height playing massive gigs with fellow punk legends but Ian and Mick also discuss how they had a huge crossover market into a mainstream audience.

The episode finishes off looking back on MacGowan’s solo projects. His latest album was released early 2015, titled ‘If I Should Fall from Grace with God’ which received 5 out 5 stars from Rolling Stone magazine upon its release.


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    Great podcast. The bonus interview was the most revealing though. His historical claim to have lived in Ireland during his early years has always been the biggest rebuttal to those levelling ‘plastic paddy’ accusations at him. The fact that his sister confirms that he only spent summer holidays in Ireland shatters this illusion. A bit sad really that he’s always felt the need to stick with this untruth. Being 2nd generation Irish myself, I don’t think you need to fabricate evidence as to how Irish you are. As the interviewee says, you’re as Irish as you feel you are, the opinion of others isn’t important.

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