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Podcast: Travis Guitarist Andy Dunlop

Podcast: Travis Guitarist Andy Dunlop

In episode 2 of the Feeling Sound Podcast, Mark speaks to the lead guitarist of Travis, Andy Dunlop.

Andy is most famous for being a member of Scottish band Travis, who made a huge impact in the late 90’s with their debut album Good Feeling and then their massively successful second – The Man Who! The band are still going strong, releasing their 9th Album 10 Songs in 2020.

In between songwriting, Andy has contributed music to other artists and has recently been providing inspiration to students at Liverpool’s LMA College.

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Mark Reeson sat down with Andy at Liverpool Media Academy earlier in the year to find out a little bit more about what sound means to him.

Although Andy and I haven’t known each other that long, it feels like I’ve known him all my life. Once we started to talk, it was our mutual love of all things music that created a familiarity that made our conversation easy. When I spoke to Andy, it was easy. It was really easy to talk to him about the way music made him feel.
We recorded this podcast in the studios at LMA, right in the heart of Liverpool. As I started to set the equipment up, Andy asked me if he could play piano next door whilst I got ready and this was where our conversation began …

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    Great podcast. You can really feel the connection between the 2 and how music is the catalyst for their connection.
    Can’t wait for the next one.

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