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Lotus Bay, in Profile: Liverpool’s New Stars

Lotus Bay, in Profile: Liverpool’s New Stars

With the debut EP on the way, and having won the first round of the SPH band contest, Lotus Bay are primed for a promising future. Smooth vocals, Floyd-esque guitar, and an original approach to songwriting, this relatively new Northern band make it to the forefront of Urbanista’s radar.


SPH describe them as ‘ready to take the city by storm’. CRASH Merch say they are ‘reminiscent of Jeff Buckley’. The Liverpool band were recently invited to play the O2 Academy in Islington, impressing alongside the likes of Ben Lester and Frayed. The best way to experience how good they are is to see them live: see Jasmin on bass and vocals, oozing class; see Mateo on guitar and vocals, the smoothest of the smooth, captivating smaller audiences in solo appearances and larger rooms with the band behind; see Will and Marco add their flavour to the mix – keyboard and percussion, respectively. The mix of these four makes for a liquid gold, syrup-like sound, a we-know-what-were-doing kinda sound.


Equally dreamy, moody, well-constructed, light, dark, hopeful and sad; this sounds contradictory but Lotus Bay quite literally tick every box. They are a sound you’ll be ecstatic to have found, and made-up to keep on hearing. Having just recorded their EP under the instruction of Loic Gaillard from The Motor Museum (think: Bring Me The Horizon, Cast, Jalen N’Gonda and Paris Youth Foundation), there are big things round the corner for this (somehow still unsigned) Northern band.

Check their channels,  you won’t be disappointed.


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