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PET NEEDS revive rock music with new single ‘Punk Isn’t Dead’

PET NEEDS revive rock music with new single ‘Punk Isn’t Dead’

PET NEEDS recently released their new hardcore track ‘Punk Isn’t Dead (It’s Just Up For Sale’).

This single features 3 minutes of pure punk-rock with energetic guitar solos that you’ll want to blare through your speakers.

The fiery four piece band based in Colchester bring together this single with lyrical wit and exposes the challenging elements of working to pay the bills whilst trying to make it as a rock band.

Their music has gained recognition from sharing the stage with iconic bands such as; The Hives, Maximo Park and The Undertones.

Band member, Johnny Marriott says the song is a: “Portrait of people with collared shirts covering tattoos, avoiding eye contact as post-hardcore blasts through headphones. Of course, this is essentially autobiographical. I was in a job where I couldn’t be myself. I left it without a real plan, and it was the best thing I ever did”.

The explosive track includes an official music video which encaptures the bands high energy proving how their songs are made to play live.


‘Punk Isn’t Dead (It’s Just Up For Sale)’ features on PET NEEDS deluxe edition of their 2021 debut album: ‘Fractured Party Music’ which includes re-recorded tracks from their acclaimed album.

The band can be seen playing live on their UK and European tour happening in February until April 2022. You can catch their headline show at the Signature Brew, Haggerstone, London on 23 February, 2022.

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You can listen to PET NEEDS new single on music streaming platforms now.


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