OGECHIMUSIC is an up and coming artist based in LA with roots in North Carolina and Nigeria. She was born in Nigeria and immigrated to North Carolina in her teens, even as a child she loved music her favorite artists have always been Nicki Minaj, Rihanna and Beyoncé which she calls her holy trinity, she gets a lot of her inspiration from them.

Ogechi’s early life starts in Lagos Nigeria, where she wrote songs because she wasn’t allowed to play outside, she spent her early years alone and had to get creative in all arts, she loved cutting up clothes and sewing them together, drawing and acting. She adored all art forms and knew one day she would be an artist, eventually her and her family immigrated to North Carolina where she continued to study arts by attending an arts based middle and high school. After graduating high school she hopped on a train to Los Angeles and hasn’t left since.

Ogechi has been keeping a low profile but is ready to make her mark with her debut single CHASING YOU out everywhere on the 21st. The single CHASING YOU is a body of her Ep which she hopes to release by the end of this year. CHASING YOU was written to be a feeling or even a memory Ogechi wrote the song in bed and while writing it she wanted to describe what it was like to have a crush, the fun moments when you are filled with butterflies, the sad moments when your love isn’t returned.


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