Monks release sterling new single Corduroy

Monks release sterling new single Corduroy

Synth lined drumrolls and mellow echoes blur many lines in this a psychedelic pop-jazz adventure.

Corduroy; the latest single from local five-piece Monks, has a lot packed into the six-minute track time, and on the first listen felt almost like two tracks in one.

It took a couple of spins to ease into the jangly journey the group takes us on; and being completely new to the sound of the band, I’ll admit that I wasn’t actually sure I liked it on the first play. Returning to the single with fresh ears brought the realisation that I’d begun playing it on repeat and discovering new highlights each time.

Lines between so many different sounds are blurred to the credit of the relatively junior group and play testament to the potential which lies within them. The ethereal vocals from George Pomford guide us through the single which creates a feeling of almost serene excitement, and ultimately convinced me to check out their other work.

A feel-good dream-pop track which is begging to be played loud on the coming summer evenings. Definitely ones to watch!


Charlotte V. Collin


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