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The singer/songwriter finds the perfect blend of pop appeal and experimental artistry.

Maddhatr’s signature sound comes from an uncanny mixture of avant grade experimentation and pure pop melodies.  This balance allows him to take chances that most artists never could while ensuring his songs maintain their mass appeal.  On his latest release, which features two songs, he uses that formula to terrific effect.

First up is ‘Life.’  An eerie web of vocal loops and gentle guitars sets the stage before Maddhatr enters with an easily relatable story about struggling to get by in the modern world.

“Trying to get rich quick, but I came home with fake gold,” he sings, his voice full of wisdom and conviction.”  

The song continues to take unexpected twists, with new layers and textures arriving out of nowhere and lifting ‘Life’ to new heights. By the time the song hits its peak it has transformed entirely into a life affirming anthem of survival.

‘Cat and Mouse’ shows off Maddhatr’s cooler, more laid back side.  His romantic musings are backed up by a hip hop inspired beat, giving him ample space to show off his vocal talents.  It’s a fascinating mash up of styles from an artist who is quickly finding a global fanbase.

‘Life’ and ‘Cat and Mouse’ are available everywhere now.

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