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John Ellwand releases new single Under The Weight Of The Sun

John Ellwand releases new single Under The Weight Of The Sun

Following an unexpected break from performing as the drummer and vocalist for Alt-Rock trio King Fever, multi-instrumentalist John Ellwand has been busy using his spare time to work on a trio of self-produced singles.

After the success of his debut single Boy In The Clouds which garnered over 10,000 streams after its release in April, energising Psych-Rock number Under The Weight Of The Sun is the latest release to shake up Ellwand’s solo repertoire.

The New Brighton singer explores all elements of his musical capabilities in Under The Weight Of The Sun. Performing most, if not all the instruments on a self-produced track is not an easy task to pull off but Ellwand has carefully executed every second in a perfect fusion of post-modern rock. 

Ellwand combines both his personal influences of Tame Impala and Duran Duran, expertly moving between trippy, delay-infused vocals in the verses to drawn out phrases leading into the choruses which display the exploration of his own modernistic approach to playing around with distortion. 

Just as we sense the cusp of an outro at the three minute mark Ellwand demonstrates his impressive dynamic vocal range once more with a cascading melody leading us into a final chorus which we welcome back for its unmistakable hook played in unison by electric guitar and vocals, embellished further with a sprinkling of fresh synths.  

With elements of romance and appreciation for your partner Under The Weight Of The Sun is Ellwand’s own personal message to his listeners reflected through his lyrics and craftsmanship. 

The single is now available to stream on Deezer and all other platforms alongside the singles Boy in the Clouds and Sink or Swim. 

Ellwand is currently working on a music video to accompany Under The Weight Of The Sun.

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