Fucking Croissant! screamed one scouser before Jamie T stormed into Brand New Bass Guitar the opening from 2007’s seminal debut ‘Panic Prevention’ . The feeling of power and anticipation fills the room with a Sunday crowd singing every word back to the songwriter and his thundering acoustic bass. With Emily’s Heart through to St Christopher it is evident that Jamie T’s heart felt ballads are now classics and headline festival anthems. The raucous crowd break into Fuck the Tories mid set which illustrates the audience we have in tonight. The chant paves the way for If You Got the Money, arguably his biggest song of the night at this point. It feels like he could carry on with banger after banger all night and at times you forget that this is only an intimate acoustic show. The Wimbledon icon is clearly not arsed about what people think of him and rightly so. His latest ‘The Theory of Whatever’ certainly screams that with tracks like Talk is Cheap and St. George Wharf Tower annotating a stark setting; both tracks are met with warm welcome and the audience knowing every word as if they are more than two weeks old. Jamie T affirms this by shouting to the crowd ‘ I don’t give a FUCK!’ before he rolls out Sheila, with  Laaaandann echoing the 750-cap room. The night is over all too quick. Is this just a teaser of what to expect on 30th June at Findsbury Park, next year?  If it is, then we are expecting a legendary summer night and T’s biggest show to date.


Full Setlist 

  1. Brand New Bass Guitar 
  2. Emily’s Heart 
  3. Bonnie and Clyde 
  4. St Christopher 
  5. Talk Is Cheap 
  6. Back in the Game 
  7. The Prophet 
  8. St. George Wharf Tower 
  9. If You Got the Money 
  10. Sticks ‘N’ Stones 
  11. Zombie 
  12. Sheila 


Review by Shaun Powell 

Photos by Sophia Powell

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