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Hegarty Debut single ‘I Only Dream In Black and White’ reviewed

Hegarty Debut single ‘I Only Dream In Black and White’ reviewed

‘I Only Dream In Black and White’ is the debut single from Liverpool five piece Hegarty. A breath of fresh air just in time for summer, the release excels in all qualities easy-listening.

With raspy vocals, moving lyrics and acoustic guitar from lead singer David Hegarty comes a perfect blend of nostalgia and a taste of home-grown music. ‘I Only Dream In Black And White’ is reminiscent of previous British groups such as Smokie and The La’s with its sweet, tinkling electric guitar layers complimenting the naturally smooth flow of the track.

The hearty, radio-friendly sound of Hegarty has previously gained them airplay on various local Liverpool stations and across Scotland, France and the USA; their latest release is set to do the same with its catchy chorus’ and uplifting harmonica outro. Performing together since 2014, the fivesome have already developed a perfectly rehearsed sound their fans can easily recognise, radiating through their music within their tight-knit ‘Beatles’ like harmonies. From each of their sole contributions to the recording, listeners, too can lean towards the emotional essence of ‘I Only Dream In Black and White’.

With that being said, you won’t have to wait long until the next release from Hegarty as their debut album is now complete! For updates and upcoming performances you can check out their Facebook page: 

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