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Gary Numan & Gang of Four coming to Liverpool

Gary Numan & Gang of Four coming to Liverpool

On the 27th of July Liverpool Exhibition Centre hosts two of Britain’s most influential acts, post punk pioneers Gary Numan and Gang of Four.

Starting the night will be gang of four who’s lyrics provide a social and political commentary which is still relevant today to a jagged, angular, punk sound. David Fricke of Rolling stone has described Gang of Four as “probably the best politically motivated band in rock and roll”. Their debut album “entertainment” which features songs such as “damaged goods” and their most notorious song “anthrax” which has been described as “one of the most unique and interesting songs of its time”, has influenced the sound of many modern “indie” bands today. Gang of Fours only original member Andy Gill who’s distinctive guitar playing style defined the bands sound has produced albums for red hot chilli peppers, the futureheads and the young knives to name just a few.

Topping the bill will be father of British synth pop Gary Numan, who is widely known for chart topping hits “are friends electric” and “cars”. Numans signature sound and androgynous android persona has earned him a loyal cult following. Gary released his first album “the pleasure principle” in 1979 and will playing songs from his eagerly anticipated 21st album “savage” as well as a set which celebrates his 40 year career. Gary Numan is hailed as a pioneer in the commercial electronic scene and his legacy will carry on for generations to come.

Gary Numan and Gang of four have both been pioneers of their own sounds and genres, and both have inspired generations of musicians globally. This is a night not to miss!

Check out Gary Numan’s new tune…

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