As their name suggests, Feral Family are hungry and relentless, it’s in their DNA. As the boys have it: “Our music isn’t going to be clean cut and perfect. It has to have the grit, anxiety and passion.”

Raised in a quiet seaside town on the East coast of Yorkshire, this band of brothers have a tireless dedication in bringing their distinctive sound to the masses. Unleashing a heady schedule of new music stretching throughout 2022, recent single “Failing From The Start” (collaborating with go-to Producer Gavin Monaghan) has been hailed as “a perfect blend of haunting vocals mixed with the in-your-face sound of The Killers and Foals”, Christian Carlisle (BBC Introducing Sheffield).

New single ‘Midnight’ rumbles and threatens, with a bass-line that could crush mountains and guitars full of Eastern promise. Cavernous vocals beckon the listener in a fever-dreamlike siren-song descent into Dante’s Inferno, rallied by an impish choir at the chorus.

Guitarist and composer of the song, Oscar, illuminates: “It’s a dark song about the thoughts running through your head at that time of night, about certain urges that cannot be contained. It’s about how everything becomes a lot more exciting at that time around certain people and in certain situations.”

Finally back playing shows after pandemic hiatus, the band has fast become an electrifying ‘must-see’ live act on the UK circuit. With at least five singles already slated for release during 2022, rest assured you’ll be hearing from the band from way past Midnight.


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