Emma Lampkin caught up with Gabrielle to talk about the album and her extraordinary career. 

Fact: Gabrielle is one of the big voices that has graced us over the decades and clearly she has no intention of stopping anytime soon. Once again, she is is flying with her new album “Do it again”. 

Im a little nervous about this interview as I grew up listening to all your amazing music and I am personally a big fan so bare with me if I get a bit tongue tied.

G: Oh bless you, that’s so sweet my darling but don’t worry it’s all good, let’s get into it. 

OMG has it really been nearly 30years since you graced our ears with your beautiful vocals and talent! Where has time gone and how have you managed to stay in the business for so long! 

G: I know right, on reflection it’s crazy but I think what helped was that I dipped in and out, so I guess people couldn’t become sick of me! And it’s been lovely because I’m a mum of 2 and I’ve loved going off and doing mum things and spending time with my children and watching them grow and thrive, but now the kids are grown it’s back to doing what I love, music! 

Now of course I have to mention your recent project as “Harlequin” on the Masked singer, how was that experience?

G: Honestly for me it came at a crucial time with the pandemic hitting us hard, I was able to concentrate on that as I was sat at home just eating/drinking to much so this opportunity was great especially in the midst of such a crazy time. 

So on the back of the masked singer the people wanted new music, and now we have the album “do it again” which features some amazing covers and 2 new original tracks, why did you opt to cover some classics rather than a new full album? 

G: Again it comes back to this crazy year we have had, I just wanted to have fun with it and enjoy myself for this one with no pressure, but also give a taste of some new music.

Now the album features some great songs, some you sang on The Masked singer and some new ones, what was your favourite to revive?

G: Oh without a doubt “Teardrops” originally by Womack and Womack. It reminds me of my childhood and growing up and I just connect with it so much.
It’s a fan favourite and I can’t wait to get on the road and perform it live. 

My daughter introduced me to Billie Eillish and when I heard the song “everything I wanted”, it was so beautiful so I knew it had to go on the album. Especially after the reaction i received when I performed it on The Masked Singer. 

Talking about touring when are the fans going to get some live touring from you? 

G: Well I have a 16 date tour coming up in November, but also i am on the road from June. I’m so excited to get on the road again and perform for my fans. 

All tour dates can be found here: 


So after the conventional talk, I like to break it down and talk girly stuff and as a fan for many years what strikes me is how absolutely beautiful you are, the “Do it again” album cover is just perfection! How do you stay looking so fresh! 

G: Laughs, a great makeup artist, they are so much better as I’m quite basic usually, as long as I have a great base, bit of eyeliner and blush I’m all good, I’m just old skool with my makeup routine, I’m not a natural gal just a bit of a geezer bird really. 

Well Gabrielle it’s been an absolute pleasure, your certainly are a geezer bird and never stop shining like the star that you are! 

G: Awe Thank-you so much, it was lovely chatting to you today and make sure you come see me when I’m in Liverpool and say Hi.

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