Timeless Stories For All: Larry Mindel Releases New Single

Timeless Stories For All: Larry Mindel Releases New Single

Larry Mindel is back with his new single ‘Whisper The World Away’. As a musician who plays on his jazz and folk background, this new single really gives us a feel for who Mindel is! With his Leeds and rural influences, it is no surprise that Larry is able to describe scenic spots with such ease.

His various roots into landscape imagery are portrayed beautifully through his most recent track. There are traces of Leonard Cohen and Laura Marling. The song goes deep into Mindel’s emotional connection with the transfer from adolescence to mature adulthood, and this is connoted through imagery and metaphors throughout the single. The welcoming of family-life and being open to love again is deep-rooted in this single.

The hidden meanings within the song create a maze of emotions to be unlocked. Since his first few tracks, Larry has been all over England, Europe and Australia performing, and if that isn’t impressive what could be? Maybe the fact that even though a global pandemic was waging, he was still able to produce this beautiful new single…

Watch the rather suave music video ‘Whisper The World’ away now, another timeless tale for people of all ages from Larry Mindel…

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