A decade has passed since Stefano Tucci unveiled the ethereal masterpiece, “Disconnected from the World,” as part of his 2014 album “Flows.” To commemorate this milestone, Tucci has harnessed the power of modernity, presenting an AI-generated video for the track, accessible on YouTube

Despite the passage of time, the poignant themes embedded in the song remain unresolved. “Disconnected from the World” invites listeners into a transcendent realm, initiating a downtempo rhythm that gradually unfolds with evocative vocals. The composition addresses the universal sentiment of feeling estranged from the world, grappling with the inherent challenges and injustices life presents.

Tucci’s composition encourages contemplation, urging listeners to ponder the complexities of existence. How often do we find ourselves questioning the difficulties and unfairness of life, only to be met with the resigned acceptance that “life is like this”? While meditation and self-healing practices offer solace, Tucci’s message transcends personal well-being, asserting that active participation in the healing of the world is imperative for our own and future generations.

A noteworthy success upon its release, the track found a prominent place in various meditation videos and playlists, earning a spot among the top 100 on Zimbalam, the Italian branch of the streaming platform (now Tunecore). Massimiliano Ricciardo, then social media manager at Zimbalam and currently with Believe Digital, personally reached out to Tucci in 2015 to share the song’s accomplishment.

Fast forward ten years, and Stefano Tucci has decided to enhance the emotive depth of “Disconnected from the World” by complementing it with a visually striking AI-generated video. This addition not only underscores the song’s profound emotional resonance but also infuses a contemporary essence into the passage of time. As we revisit this timeless piece, Tucci’s message remains as relevant as ever: healing ourselves is intricately tied to healing the world.


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