Over a Synthwave retro 80s electronic production, the recording starts with a powerful electric guitar solo to create contrast. The vocal line has 4 different melodic sections including a very catchy chorus accentuated thanks to the production work of the producer. The melody is very original and is based on improvisations on the piano. The vocal production includes a choir for strength. The lyrics are inspirational and motivational. The song wants to encourage the listener to enjoy working in an office environment and celebrate work and being employed.

Dario Margeli a serious musician and songwriter whose songwriting process takes weeks because he works hard to create original vocal melodies. These melodies are discovered by working on the piano or guitar. He investigates musical scales and does everything to make sure the melodies are original. This is in contrast with many people releasing material today where the song is basically a nursery rhyme or a tune that is just a rehash of the song they’ve heard before.

Musicians participating in the recording:

Guitars: Nikola Cucukovic + Hugh Williams

Synthesizers: Francisco Villafuerte

Producers: Francisco Villafuerte & Dario Margeli

Songwriter (Music & Lyrics): Dario Margeli


Dario Margeli started with music theory lessons in the 1980s. His music instructor was a famous musician who at the time was releasing albums for WEA. Dario taught himself songwriting by studying music scores from artists such as Prince or studying the musical structures of songs by funk bands, such as Chic (Nile Rodgers) or Brass Construction. During the next two decades, Dario distanced himself from music. This changed when around 2010 a website he had created for rare vinyl records got him a gig writing album liner notes for a pair of albums on NowAgain records, a subsidiary of Stones Throw records. This got him excited about being a musician again. He taught himself Pro-tools and music production. In 2011 his first single came out with amazing guitars played by Hugh Williams, a studio musician from Florida. A music video was made with a professional photographer and a female model. The following year one of his songs became a viral hit in Italy. Often the public was impressed with the female models in the video. The best session musicians have been used. I have worked with producers who later had hits with major labels with 1M+ streams on Spotify.  In the second half of the decade, Dario became interested in Buddhism and other spiritual and inspirational teachings. This meant that from then on, his songs all have positive and encouraging messages. They draw from self improvement teachings. The music also reflects that by not being aggressive nor dark.  Musically, each of Dario’s songs has at least 4 different melodic parts. There is always a strong sing-along chorus in there too.

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