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Cxl Mxck releases new single 100mg

100mg is the third official release for 21 year old, Alternative Artist, Cxl Mxck. After his first two tracks had success with “I Can’t Breathe” being played on BBC Introducing Merseyside and “Mushroom Treatment” being featured in RGM and Urbanista Magazine, he is back and here to stay with his new track 100mg. This is the first single to be released from Cxl Mxck’s 4 track Extended Play “Me, Myself or Die” that is set for release in April 2021. 100mg is an attack on the senseswith its hip hop infused beat and alternative/Emo melody and lyrics. The song is an experience, taking inspiration from the loud styles of the likes of SCXRLXRD and YUNGBLUD, going into the depths of Mxck’s mind and facing struggles with his mental health. This is done by a two way conversation between a doctor and his patient. Cxl Mxck’s inspiration for the track was one of numerous doctors appointments and the all too known feeling of being batted away with medication; voicing how easy it is to be prescribed with anti-depressants in the modern age. The song then delves into the urges of a young person when battling depression, showing how simple it is to fall into the easily accessible depressants when time gets rough. This is the start of what Cxl Mxck hopes to be, an eye opener to people about those who struggle or those who know people who do, he hopes this will open the door for being open about your feelings and struggles. Samples of the controversial 1971 movie “A Clockwork Orange” are littered through the track, the torturous tone of the picture seems rather fitting in Mxck’s latest record. The track was recorded by Sam Bloor at Lower Lane studios and later mixed by producer JDMH, who last year also remixed Mxck’s debut single “I Can’t Breathe”. Cxl Mxck is offering in depth interviews, reviews, early music video access and live performances of the song.



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