Culture Guru Jayne Casey to speak at Bloom into Business

Shaping up to be Liverpool’s best group for creative and forward thinking female’s to network, Bloom into Business, which launches next month at The Florist has added Liverpool’s music and culture guru Jayne Casey to the stellar line up of female entrepreneurs.

We couldn’t think of a more qualified woman to chat to if we tried. Former 70’s punk singer, Jayne Casey has been in the backbone (and often forefront) of some of Liverpool’s most innovative ideas. Did you know for example that the baltic creative area of town was Ms Casey’s inspiration? Over the years, Jayne has been heavily involved in some of the biggest cultural events Liverpool has ever seen, she oversaw the opening of Liverpool’s capital of culture, manged the development of the biennial festival and was even co-founder of the massively successful nightclub empire Cream in the 90’s. You would be hard pressed to find someone with their finger more on the proverbial pulse than Jayne Casey, who is now the director of District, playing host to some of Liverpool’s best bands and festivals.

Jayne Casey

Passionate about Liverpool and it’s women, Jayne told Urbanista:

“I was so pleased when I got the call to do a Q& A session at Bloom into Business, I love seeing all the great ideas the women of this city manifest. I’m sure that my donkeys years of lows and highs in the creative industries have given me some knowledge to pass on, looking forward to a great night!”

The event is hosted by The Florist restaurant in association with Sass and Self Help. To buy a ticket and submit a question to Jayne for the Q&A go the following link…..

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