Cross Channel Music is an indie-folk solo artist with a goal: expanding the boundaries of the genre, while keeping things super fresh for the audience, and themselves! While the artist’s music captures all of the pleasant intimacy and positive soundscapes that you would expect from some of the best indie-folk masters, he also brings a healthy dose of bubbly energy to the table, especially with the inclusion of funk and soul-inspired rhythms and even some experimental tones for good measure! The artist’s innovative spirit is truly remarkable, and it is impossible not to connect with their formula pretty much right away! Fans of artists like Bright Eyes, The Lumineers and Joss Stone are definitely going to love this particular studio effort, which is poised to put Cross Channel on the map on the grounds of his inventive and original approach to music.

The 9 tracks on the album were written in Paris between 2000 and 2012 and were mixed and mastered by Robin Downe and Loys Couet in February and March 2021.

Find out more about Cross Channel Music, and do not pass up on listening to Man In A Dream, which is currently available on all the main digital platforms, including Spotify:

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