Collaboration with artists from across the globe results in electric, alternative rock vibe

Toronto, Ontario (February 24, 2022) – Fans of Toronto artist Cantek Batur have eagerly awaited the singer/ songwriter’s debut solo album and now, “Snowbird” will be available March 1 on iTunes, Apple Music, YouTube, Spotify and all major streaming and listening outlets.

Fast-paced, with a combination of both ,timeless rock influences with modern alternative appeal, “Snowbird” features 7 tracks where each song has a story and showcases a range of dynamics, resulting in a distinctive  flow.

Fans of artists like The Cat Empire, Travis, Nick Cave, John Mayer, and Ed Sheeran will be drawn to the unique alternative rock energy found on “Snowbird.”

“Snowbird” is a compilation of electric collaborations with artists from across the world including Canada, USA, United Kingdom, Turkey, Spain, Hungary, Brazil, South Africa, Australia, Peru, Columbia, Nigeria.

“I loved experimenting with different styles for this album,” Batur explains. “For example, the lead track, ‘Snowbird,’ is a fun reggaeton song, with a Spanish touch, and ‘Come To Me’ is built on Brazilian/African beats. There are so many incredible sounds and influences to explore. This was really a lot of fun to write and produce.

” A number of artists collaborated on “Snowbird” alongside writer/producer Batur including one of his favorite musicians, guitarist Luis Carlos Maldonado, of Foreigner and formerly of Train, who played on both “Snowbird” and “Come to Me.”

I am so grateful for all of these incredibly talented artists who I was able to work with on this album,” Batur says.


1 Collaborators include:

Drums: Spencer Wynn, Brandon Davis, Sean McMorris, Marcelo Effori

Backing & Lead Vocals: Shaunte Daurice, Sonya L. Tylor, Shelby Olive, Abby Fuller, Phoebe Carter, Julieta Cavalaro, Kathryn Thompson, Gabriela Noriega Adrianzén, Natalie Greener

Electric Bass: Ilker Göçmen, Bruno Migliari

Electric Guitar: Olay Andaç, Luis Carlos Maldonado, Neil Whitford;

Classical and AcousMc Guitar: Luis Carlos Maldonado, José Torres Vicente

Piano: Jaconell Mouton, Yavuz Yurtgüder

Hammond Organ: Abel Boquera, Yavuz Yurtgüder

Trumpet: Márton Adámi

Keys, Pads and OrchestraMon: Yavuz Yurtgüder


Batur previously sang in Turkish rock band Zift, which, in 2010, released a full Turkish album and in 2011, a maxi single. Batur released his first solo single in English, “Under The Northern Skies,” in 2019.

Despite the electric nature of the album, Batur’s core rock influences have a strong presence. “I’m old school. I’m still under the influence of bands like The Beatles, Pink Floyd and Radiohead,” he explains. “I’ve also always been a fan of poet singers like Patti Smith, Leonard Cohen, Tom Waits, Bob Dylan, so their lyrical influence is pretty apparent in the story telling aspect of the songs on this album as well.

” One track that has special significance to Batur is “Making Dreams,” a song about love, friendship and companionship. “Making Dreams” was inspired by a Ted Talk by Eddie Jaku, who is a Holocaust survivor. A few lines from his speech were used in the song, so listeners can hear his voice speaking through the lyrics.

“This album is about stories and how they connect us as humans,” Batur. “By collaborating with artists from all over the world, it makes those stories truly universal. We’re all one humanity, one world and I want this album to be a reminder of that.”

Snowbird” will be available March 1 on all streaming and download sites. For more information about the album and Cantek Batur visit

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