Glastonbury Festival is a 5-day long music and contemporary performing arts festival that calls itself ‘the largest green-field music and performing arts festival in the world’. The iconic festival is nestled in a rural corner of Southwest England in the county of Somerset. Music lovers from across the UK and worldwide travel there en masse, and the festival usually welcomes up to 200,000 visitors. Glastonbury takes place every year apart from when it takes a break every five years to avoid any extensive damage to the fields on the site.
However, due to the pandemic, June 2022 will be the first time the festival has taken place since 2019! Musical artists across all genres travel from across the globe to be able to perform to the electric roaring crowds Glastonbury Festival is renowned for having. Going to Glastonbury is definitely something that ought to be on your bucket list, and you want to do all you can to ensure
your Glasto experience is as amazing as you can make it. To help you out, we’ve decided to come up with this guide providing our tips on planning the perfect Glastonbury experience. Carry on reading to discover more.

Grab Your Tickets As Early As Possible 

Glastonbury is well-known for being a sought-after festival with music fans that often sells out almost instantly. Glastonbury tickets for 2020 went on sale in 2019 and managed to fully sell out in a staggering 33 minutes. So, find out when the window opens for you to purchase your tickets, and set your alarm and lots of reminders on your phone. Regardless of whether securing tickets requires you to get up at the crack of dawn, we recommend trying to get your hands on Glasto tickets as early as possible.

Treat Yourself To A VIP Camping Experience

You may feel like pushing the boat out and dabbling in some luxury camping by going for VIP camping at Glastonbury this year. Maybe you’re starting to feel you’re not as young as you once were, and your days of going to festivals and sleeping in a lightweight tent in a muddy field have been and gone? The VIP camping festival experiences may be something that you find really worthwhile, and you only live once.
Read here to learn more about the Yurtel Glastonbury Camp at Steanbow that offers you a 5-star retreat to rest your head after seeing some great acts play live at Worthy Farm. You deserve a 5-star VIP camping experience at Glastonbury and will be able to arrange it quickly and efficiently.

Book A Few Days Off Work Around The Festival

The festival spans five days, including the weekend; however, you may want a few days to recover either side. So, it could be a sensible idea to book a few days off work a long way in advance, and that way, you can make the very most of your exciting Glastonbury experience.
People dealing with issues related to work-related stress is extremely common nowadays in society. Why not give yourself a well-earned break and take a week off to allow you to go to one of the most legendary festivals on the planet that has been running since 1970?

Travel To The Site With Time To Spare

Around the festival, the traffic on the M5 motorway can go on forever. Do your best not to allow the traffic jams to dampen your spirits; we’ve waited a long time to be able to go back to Glastonbury. So you can stay ahead of the game, it could be wise to travel to the site with plenty of time to spare. You could even travel down a night or two beforehand and stay somewhere not too far away from the festival, which means you can reduce the risk of missing anything due to excessive congestion.
You may only ever have the opportunity to go to this famous festival once, so making sure you get there with plenty of time to spare is vital.

Prioritise The Acts You Want To See

Glastonbury Festival can be a relatively condensed affair, with many acts performing in a short space of time. You may find that there are a few clashes and some acts that play at the same time as other acts you also would love to see live. Therefore, when planning your Glastonbury experience, you ought to factor in making an effort to prioritise the acts you really want to see above any others. You will walk away from your experience feeling gutted if you miss a brilliant opportunity to have a ball enjoying watching your favourite artist play live and in the flesh. Although, you may need to compromise at times if you’re attending the festival in a group where everyone each has their own different music tastes and artists they are eager to see performing live.

So, these are some of our top tips on planning the perfect Glastonbury experience. Try and get as
much as you can from this enthralling English festival known worldwide.

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