Under Three Moons – review

Under Three Moons – review

A performance as magical as an actual night under the stars. 

I felt like I was every where that the characters were transporting us to in the story. Especially in the first sequence when they first interact in a camping trip. I actually felt like I was under the stars with them. There was something very magical about that first part of the story when their lives first intertwine. The stark contrasts between both characters personalities make for compelling viewing as it’s fascinating to see how they change and grow through their lives. It’s a very interesting timeline of 3 prominent points in two peoples lives when they are at different milestones and how their lives differ at these points. I loved the story. I thought that the characters relationship and interaction with each other was fascinating. The whole story centres round how their lives change and how they change along with it and how this alters their friendship. 

Great performance from both characters. Very convincing. They adopted plenty of emotion and sentiment to their interaction on stage. I love how minimal props and no stage scenery ignites the imagination of its audience so fiercely when the performance of the actors is able to set the scene so well. They performance was so good in each of the 3 scenes that you were able to paint the picture of what was around them and were they were without having to try very hard at all. Your mind colourfully sets the scene for you as you get lost in a thought provoking poignant performance. 
I also loved the theatre space that it was done in. The intimate setting of this theatre makes it perfect for this kind of performance. You feel like you can create an emotional and sentimental connection with the characters because your up close to the story as it’s unfolding. Great story and great performance by two very talented actors.

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Carolyn Anderson

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