If you haven’t attended a Shakespeare production of epic proportion set in an idyllic location, thou must attend Hamlet in Royden Park! From Monday 19th June through until Saturday 24th June, Hillbark Players will be producing a dazzling showcase of the legendary Shakespeare play that only mad dogs and Englishmen would be foolish enough to miss. With a theatre in the woods being built from scratch, over £50,000 of self funding (no profit) and a host of highly talented actors, these mid summer nights will be those of dreams.

Hillbark Players is a long standing presenter of open-air Shakespeare in the North West, having been founded in 1964 to celebrate the 400th anniversary of Shakespeare’s birth, and has presented a production every other year since. For its first ever production of Hamlet, the set is to be the biggest ever as regards construction, with a 490 seat theatre being unfolded. Six months of hard work all round will come into fruition for one week only in the beautiful grounds of Royden Park and Urbanista can’t wait to experience the magic.

Situated in the picturesque Frankby village, Wirral, Royden Park is a parkland steeped in natural wonder and history — no better setting for such a special performance. Differing from most outdoor theatre companies, the Hillbark Players’ audience are under cover and it’s only the actors and crew who need to brave the elements — so whatever the weather, one can relax and be taken on a Shakespearean adventure.

Oh so often we hear about the music scene of the North West, yet something must be said about local theatrical productions such as this — a hugely entertaining way to spend an evening. Hillbark Players will first be hosting an outdoor performance exclusively for schools before unveiling their six night showcase from 19th June to 24th June, including a matinee on the Saturday. With such effort put in from Director Nick Sample, the cast, the crew, Paula Cain of the Chester Costume House and all sorts of unsung heroes, be sure to expect an extravaganza. To attend, or not to attend: that is the question — we certainly will be attending….

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