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THE SECRET CIRCUS – on home turf for 2019

THE SECRET CIRCUS – on home turf for 2019

Roll up….. Roll up……. see the weird and wonderful cheeky and downright sassy endeavors of the secret and saucy underbelly of Liverpool’s out-there team of performers.

Let’s meet The Secret Circus a band of funny, naughty and caring young individuals bringing their burlesque style performance “Seven Deadly Sins” to the stage at Studio 2 at Parr Street, Liverpool City Centre on Friday 22nd February.

In this performance the team are ditching their usual Valentines loveliness and bringing you all the deadly sins! lust, greed, sloth, wrath, pride, envy and gluttony. So, if your fed up of the slushy, blushy nonsense of Valentines just take off your rose-tinted glasses and pop on your darkest shades come and sin with us!

Performers include the creators and compares Eve Howlett, Chanel Samson and Little Peaches and each show showcases acts who range from the sublime to the ridiculous. There is a very fun side to the shows but you will leave on a positive high as the intention is to promote self-awareness and acceptance of oneself and others in a demanding and image obsessed world.

Let’s meet the performers:

Rowana Gander

Rowena Gander

is a Liverpool based performer, choreographer and instructor who creates experimental, thought provoking work through contemporary pole dance fusion.
The 10 Inch Heels interrogates the extrinsic value of a sexualised and exaggerated femininity, questioning how engagement with high heels can either promote or dissolve female subordination.


Jynx Monster

is part of the Monster Cirque and her skills include Fire Eating, Body Burning, Fire Fans, Fire Swords, Podium Dance and Bed of Nails to name but a few.

These daring stunts not for the faint hearted!


Thaddeus Bent

Thaddeus Bent

is bringing is fascinating and funny ghost stories: A ghostly gumbo of Steven King, Garth Marenghi and provincial paranormalists the world over, Thaddeus Bent is always there to shine his mini Maglite torch into you blackest corners of your soul!

And many many more…..

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