Mental health issues for this generation are ‘normal’, however a constant theme emerges where social pressures create a disconnect in what individuals believe they can achieve based on the constant delusion of social media, vs what they need for a balanced and happy life, set against the backdrop of 2 years of a pandemic and a looming recession. Alffa give us a glimpse of what we can do for a start, “kill it with kindness”, not being so hard on ourselves might be one of the keys to escaping the poisonous shadows. All the while, ripping into a simple yet complex rock song, which buikds from gentle advice to a creshendo of instruction.

With 2022 comeback single “Closer To Me” coming out last November, a rollicking, angst-driven stomper, the new single is set to build upon this further with its own blistering takedown of poor mental health, and tackling it head on. On trying to move forward, Sion says,”You’re quite distinctive as a duo, you don’t want to end up  releasing your second album and it sounds exactly the same as the first one. So you need to find like kind of small ways to go around those distinctions.” While a second album is in the scope, at the moment, things are all about rekindling that magic. “We felt something was missing from us. And the break kind of brought us back together. Like, we want to do a gig again,” Dion smiles. “We want to go to the studio again, we want to write more again.” Rearing to reestablish their place in the world, nothing can hold back this like minded and determined pair as they reemerge from their North-west Wales stronghold ready to kick things back up to eleven again, and to take their riotous rock ‘n’ roll to the wider world once more.

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