Dead Hendrix has been on a meteoric ride to the top of the Canadian punk-rap scene, and it feels like the stars are finally aligning in all the right direction. He is finally getting the attention he deserves and his flowers. And this is no less than he deserves; he is a trendsetter who has been able to engineer a dynamic and equally enthralling sound that coherently blends punk rock with street rap into a genuinely brand new style that is hypnotic, immersive, and deeply entertaining that you want to feed it directly off the speakers.


Following the bulging wave of momentum from his joint collaborative EP “DEAD SUMMER” with LA-based Zadoff and the acclaimed success of his TWD Tour, Hendi isn’t letting the buzz fade away—he is already on top of headlines with his new smash project “MUSTANG” featuring equally gifted Ottawa rapper Yungcudii.


Many times you’ve heard someone describe a track as ‘catchy as hell!’…well, this is precisely the case with this delightfully charming masterpiece that hits you right in the feels.

The chemistry between these two performers is undeniable, and the production reeks of professional ingenuity.


It’s not so often that I listen to a track for the first time and immediately fall in love with it, as was the case with this banger. Hendi is his usual creative and thought-provoking self, proficiently dancing over the heavy production with some catchy and infectious bars!

Yungcudii then showcases his lyrical worth with a memorable performance that leaves a listener demanding more!


Delivered with a near-flawless execution and in a way only Hendrix can, “MUSTANG” is a must-have for lovers of innovative hip hop and rock music.


Already streaming on all the popular platforms, including Spotify, statistics show that “MUSTANG” is already a certified banger that should be wrapped as soon as it makes contact with your ears.


There is even more reason to get ecstatic since Dead Hendrix is prepping to release his new album, “Ottawa x Toronto,” which will bring some of the best Canadian performers under one impressive and timeless body of work!


For now, it is so that you add the track “MUSTANG” to your playlist and floss about it to your friends…it will do wonders for your stature—I tried it, and now I am the group leader of our just regular circle (no one knows it outside of us!) But I don’t care; when I talk, they listen, and that is what matters…props to Dead Hendrix and Yungcudii for changing my life…our lives!

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