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SOZIALES HETZWERK self-titled album premiere **HERE**

SOZIALES HETZWERK self-titled album premiere **HERE**

Urbanista are thrilled to bring you the premiere of SOZIALES HETZWERK self-titled album:

Jim S. launched this project in 2019 and after more than 30 years of music, he finally found the sound that he lives and represents 100%.
The songs on the record are in the area of ​​German rock / punk rock and alternative, mostly about memories of the old days, with a shovel of aggression, sarcasm and politics.

Listen Here:



The album will be released in the following stores:
– Amazon
– Tidal
– Deezer
– Google Play
– Spotify
and many more platforms (worldwide)

Abmischung: Dorian Quäl (Deutschland)

Drums: Bruno Melro (Portugal)
Alfonso Leal (Mexiko)
Farris Brooks (USA)
Jake Naugle (USA)

Piano: Rainer Jadischke (Süd-Afrika)

Mundharmonika: Hector Ruano (Venezuela)

Gitarre: Lukky Sparxx (Chile)

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