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Slack Alices to release new single Kama Sutra on 22nd May

Slack Alices to release new single Kama Sutra on 22nd May
Here we have it. 2 minutes and 22 seconds of no bollocks Punk Rock from Manchester outfit Slack Alices.

Slack Alices formed in Manchester late 2017 through a mutual love of Punk and no doubt a good beer or two. Since then they have played their part in keeping independent, DIY, no fuss music alive with their previous 7 inch single ‘Tasteful’ which piqued the interest of Ian Brown and Sleaford Mods; with good reason too.

After a spell of gigs and self-promotion they’re back at it again with a solid follow up single entitled ‘Kama Sutra’. Immediately you’re grabbed by Bens gnarly, treble heavy guitar tone that is somewhat reminiscent of East Bay Ray’s. Oliver Taylor and Trevor Cox soon join the party to lay down a solid rhythm foundation, with trashy hard-hitting drums and a stabbing baseline that will have you hooked.

Next comes the vocals. Probably my favourite part of this track and what gives Slack Alices their distinctive sound. Zachary Davies vocals are deep, gritty and never over produces on the studio side of things; I get a real Danzig vibe from them, but not so much that they’re a blatant copy, there’s still something very unique there that I can’t quite put my finger on.

Overall, it’s a nicely put together piece of music with plenty of replay-ability done by the hands of Timmy Harrison, producer, head honcho at Midnight Hallucination Records and all-round top geezer.
Kama Sutra will be dropping 22/05, don’t miss out on this one!

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