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Skinner’s Lane – New Single “Every Time” Out Now!

Skinner’s Lane – New Single “Every Time” Out Now!

With the sad news that the next outing for Threshold Festival in 2020 will be it’s last, it got me thinking about some of the great bands I’ve discovered there over the years.

One of the most promising bands from last year’s festival were Skinner’s Lane.

I’m a sucker for bands who do things a little bit different and are hard to pigeon-hole.

Fronted by eccentric Californian Zak Langford-Do who also writes the songs, Norwegian Sander Valset on drums and Scouser Chris ‘Demented Zebedee’ Jones on bass and vocals, the explosive 3 piece make exciting Indie/Alternative Rock that floats my boat!

Zak explains about their new single “Every Time”

“The song delves into the mind of someone who slowly starts to lose touch with reality, and eventually falls into a downward spiral. We wanted to put a song using both production and instrumentation to take the listener down that same rabbit hole. “

It is a cracker, but don’t just take my word for it – have a listen for yourself!

With more releases and another tour planned going into 2020, they are a band well worth keeping on your radar.

In a few months, Threshold Festival will be but a memory of happy times spent with like-minded music fans, but the bands who played there will go on. Skinner’s Lane I predict will be around for a long time and achieve great things.

Words: John W. King

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