After a highly anticipated wait from the South London and Brighton band scene and fans alike City Dog delivered the first single of their debut self titled EP.

 “From The Drain” blends sonic elements of grunge and soft spoken love songs that would sit nicely on a 90s compilation with artists like deftones and Elliot Smith, From the Drain, is a captivating track from start to finish with soft and emotive vocals sitting on a bed of rich and psychedelic tones fluttering through the verses to piercing fuzz choruses, This track is no one trick pony.

 City Dog first started generating a buzz in 2022 supporting Buzzcocks at 17 years old. Keeping the hype train moving was a seemingly effortless task for the Brighton trio, as they took every major stage Brighton has to offer by storm, alongside a europe tour with L.A punks Surfbort. City Dog have had a steady release of well received singles since there birth as a band, preparing them for the debut EP. 

Singer Deri Bovaird comments on the track, “From the drain has been a very rewarding track to put out as it holds so much sentimental value to me, it was forged in a darker time that i have stepped away from, it is a token of how I was feeling at that point in my life and is a reminder that I overcame it” 

The rest of the band have also commented on the slight switch in musical direction, and the refreshing element it brings to City Dog sonically from the usual heavier aspect to their music.


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