Prepare to meet the disco with a difference.

Movers n Soul Shakers is a brand new celestial celebration of what our bodies can do and where our minds can take us.

Music isn’t just a melody, it’s medicine for the body, mind and spirit. Even our ancestors knew that. From calming beats that soothe the soul, to energising rhythms to lift the spirits, sound has the magical ability to heal and rejuvenate.

Beginning with some breathwork and freestyle yoga, we will activate our bodies and minds before embarking on a journey through sound, beginning with a cosmic dance-off and ending with a celestial, sensory sound bath.

Meet our pied piper of positivity, Nell Shakespeare, Nell is a DJ and vocalist who will be joining us from the hedonistic heights of Ibiza,

Jake, is our sound practitioner and free spirit dancer, he is all about free movement and connecting to the dance of life.
Geniene is a shaman, energy and sound healer who is passionate about the ‘freedom of the mind’

We’re about more than just movement, with guided meditation and shamanic sound baths at every event, we’re here to help you reconnect with you and find peace in your soul.

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