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The Selecter / The Beat (Ft. Ranking Roger) @ Liverpool Olympia – PREVIEW

The Selecter / The Beat (Ft. Ranking Roger) @ Liverpool Olympia – PREVIEW

With just over a month to go to Christmas, you’re probably already on your 3rd tin of Quality Street that you bought to “put away”, and you now face a month of braving crowds to max out your credit card to buy stuff you can’t afford that people probably won’t want (If aunt Clementine really wanted those novelty illuminated handkerchiefs she’d have bought them herself from Home and Bargain!), not to mention getting way too drunk at the office party, taking inappropriate photocopies (or is that just me?) telling your boss exactly how they are running the company all wrong, only to spend the next day worrying about the stuff you can’t remember, and hoping your boss remembers less than you do…

Then there’s the Christmas tunes.  As a small child, Slade, Wizard et all with their respective Christmas tunes used to fill me with wonder.  Now, by the end of December, having heard them on repeat every day, they still fill me with wonder, wondering how long it is until January 🙂

Not to mention all the stressing on the actual day itself about things that don’t matter.  Who cares if the cat eats the turkey and you run out of caviar flavoured breadsticks, it’s people who make Christmas special!

Love it or hate it, we all need a night off away from the Christmas madness, and you can’t do better than get yourself a ticket for The Selecter & The Beat co-headliner tour, hitting Liverpool’s Olympia on 23rd December (Christmas Eve’s Eve if you will).

Their shows are legendary, so the partyometer will be cranked up to 12, but with decent music, mercifully free of the synthesised sleigh bells so prevalent at this time of year!

In addition to 2 legendary bands, the Positive Vibration DJs will be keeping the party in full flow, spinning a choice selection of Reggae tunes.

Positive Vibration have done an amazing job of putting Liverpool firmly on the Reggae map this year, between the Positive Vibrations festival (winner of “Best New Festival” award), bringing genuine legends such as Horace Andy and Dawn Penn to Liverpool, and their Reggae Social nights at District.  I look forward to seeing what they have lined up for 2018!

Don’t miss what promises to be an exceptional night of entertainment!

The Selecter / The Beat (Ft. Ranking Roger) @ Liverpool Olympia takes place on 23rd December 2017, tickets available from the link below:

You can even make it extra special by taking advantage of the “Meet and Greet” the band option, without breaking the bank!


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