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Ragz Nordset releases remixes of latest single ‘Don’t You Forget’

Ragz Nordset releases remixes of latest single ‘Don’t You Forget’

Earlier this year, Mellowtone’s very own Ragz Nordset released her latest single ‘Don’t You Forget’. This was the first piece of recorded music Ragz had shared in five years, and with her soulful yet haunting vocals set against sparse piano, it was definitely worth the wait. Don’t You Forget takes a stripped back approach compared to her earlier, electronic-influenced release Sleepdancing, but re-imaginations of the track from producers Mario Leal, and Drumwarp & Guevarism take the song on an altogether different journey.

With the cancellation 0f 2020 tours, Mario Leal, who usually works as a live touring engineer for the likes of John Grant, Everything Everything and Hot Chip, was afforded the time to produce a down tempo, electronic excursion remix of Ragz’s new track. Taking what was a deeply emotive song, Leal’s synth-infused remix transforms the original into a deep, pulsating musical workout with the ability to span all genres.

Drumwarp & Guevarism, associates of Greg Wilson’s ‘Super Weird Substance’ label and the Keep It Cryptic underground parties have also produced a collaborative remix of Ragz’ track. Seeped in the Eastern scales, this remix takes us on a psychedelic trip. With heavy bass and vocals arguably more haunting than the original, the remix is a perfect harmony of Drumwarp’s visceral rhythms and Guevarism’s psychedelic musicianship.

“I believe good songs are born when you feel the melody in and on your skin, and when the words become bridges rather than barriers.  This song was written in the midst of the throws of deep hurt and just as the cracks of longstanding denial started opening. It represents a milestone in my own life and in my writing.” 
Ragz Nordset, on ‘Don’t You Forget’.

So far, Ragz Nordset’s career has seen her support artists including Wild Beasts, Ian McCullough, Laura Marling and Mumford & Sons, whilst selling out her own limited edition EP launches. Her EP ‘Sleepdancing’ was released on NuNorthern Soul in 2013 and the Ron Basejam rework of ‘You Started It All’ is now clocking over 1.5 million plays on Spotify. Rag’z latest single  ‘Don’t You Forget’ was released May 2020 and has since risen to over 20K streams, and is featured on over 50 playlists.

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