Q: Hello , how do you prefer to be called?
A: Most people just call me Sweet so that’ll be fine lol

Q: Ok Sweet, Can you give us some insight into the inspiration behind your new song?
A: Sure, This song is about lies, being lied to, and how that can feel when you finally find out the truth

Q: How does this new track reflect your current musical direction or evolution as an artist? A: Well, I am a multi-genre artist/writer/producer … but I do have a love for sad or darker more alternative type songs too and that’s what this is

Q: Can you talk a bit about the songwriting process for this track? Was it a collaborative effort?
A: @Ellipsi_Music and @ProdByRick are two producers I met on Twitter who made the beat. Ellipsi was looking for more female singer/songwriters and I indicated I was interested. I chose that beat from her catalog and wrote and sang the song …but @AntGoSmack was our engineer who took it all to the next level – it was def a team effort

Q: How does the title of the song connect to its lyrics?
A: I don’t want to give it all away but it is part of the description of how it felt – the description of that feeling is detailed heavily in the chorus

Q: Were there any significant challenges or breakthrough moments during the production of this track? A: I originally wrote it Feb 28, 2022 – so the biggest challenge is how long it has been to finally get to release it lol

Q: Does this song have a story behind it? Is there a narrative or theme you’re exploring?
A: I actually saw a tweet about how someone had found out they had been lied to and how horrible they felt and that inspired the song. Of course we’ve all been lied to at some point, and I was able to use my own experience as well to flesh the idea out.

Q:What do you want your listeners to feel or take away when they listen to this new song? A: I want people to feel that no matter how hard it can be to go through something like that, you can always overcome it…and grow from it.

Q: Is there a music video in the works for this song?
A:There will be a video a little bit later, but it will come out post-release.

Q: What’s your favorite lyric from this song and why?
A: My favorite lyrics are the chorus itself – the description of what it was like to find out what was going on… I also like that I used French in the bridge 😉

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