Urbanista Magazine are thrilled to bring you the premiere of London outfits Average Sex new Single ‘Spit In My Mouth 


The title track Spit In My Mouth, is a celebration of women’s sexuality and desire through  the female gaze. It goes hand in hand with a Zine of nude polaroids lead singer, Laetitia  Bocquet, took of a diverse selection of women spitting and portraits. This feminist project is  a celebration of the female body under all its forms. It aims to empower the subjects by  liberating them from their sexual representation. Laetitia, identifying as a woman herself,  allows for the act of spitting, which could be considered sexual, to become an intimate and  connected moment between the photographer and photographed. 

The music video, directed by Jai Petty and Director of Photography Chris Rogers, unveils  many fetishes and kinks in a Peep Show Box to break the taboo behind them and promote  sexual freedom and self acceptation. 

The band kicks off their UK tour in London at Paper Dress the 28th October including a  photography exhibition of Laetitia’s project. Her zine of photography will also be available  during the tour.


Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/averagesex/
Twitter: averagesexband
Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/artist/1RytfOWGYEEsoT4Z40JJUi?si=BzNQ7NQ1RJ6f-OyJnDrP

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